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A Stunningly crafted 18ct Yellow Gold Men’s Curb Solid Linked Chain.

Measuring 65cm Long, 7.6mm Wide and 2.7mm Thick.

This Unique Piece offers 132.35g of 18ct Yellow Gold.

Finished with a Push in Clasp with Swing Arm Lock to guarantee Strength in the chain.



18ct Men’s Gold Chain

Here at Szulhinski Gold, we have a wide range of men’s 18 carat gold chains including an 18 carat gold curb chain, various 18 carat gold chains in our men’s collection along with other 18 carat gold chains. These types of chains give a real sense of style and class whilst at the same time being practical for everyday wear.

18 carat gold chains are hugely popular with men of all ages and are quite simply something that never goes out of fashion. The carat or karat, as it is sometimes referred to, is a measure of the purity of the gold. The higher the carat, the softer the metal and for this reason, 24 carat gold, the purest form of the metal isn’t practical for day-to-day wear. This is why  18 carat gold is the most popular for regular use.

An 18 carat gold curb chain is a high quality, solid chain that goes well with almost all attire. It is an item of jewellery that will be noticed without being overstated. It is a solid, masculine style of chain that is often worn by alpha-males whilst not looking out of place on anyone. They are a classic design, never falling out of fashion or losing popularity so to purchasing one of our high quality 18 carat gold chains could be seen as an investment.

We also have a selection of 18 carat white gold chains that are something just that little bit different but no less sophisticated. White gold is something that has long been popular across the women’s range but is now entering increasingly into the men’s collections. Again, all of our designs have a classic yet contemporary feel and are designed to be worn again and again whilst never going out of fashion.

18 carat gold chains are jewellery that men can feel proud to wear and make something of a statement, just like wearing a designer watch. They shouldn’t steal the limelight but they will be something that will make people realise that you appreciate quality and the finer things in life – something that all men want to be recognised for. Much like quality designer shoes, they make a real statement about the man that you really are and you will be admired and respected wherever you go.

Along with the 18 carat gold curb chain, we also have a selection of other gold chains including gold ball linked chains and elliptical ball chains that are made from 22ct gold and are perhaps best suited to special occasions rather than everyday wear. These are additional items that can be worn with or instead of your regular 18 carat gold chain. We would invite you to view our collections on our website to really appreciate the quality on offer.

If you would like more information about our 18 carat gold curb chain, 18 carat white gold chain or indeed any of our other 18 carat gold chains in our men’s collection you can call us on (+61) 1300 041 856, email on info@szulhinskigold.com.au or alternatively, contact us via our website.




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Width (mm)


Thickness (mm)


This item has been independently authenticated within Australia and by an Australian based Jewellery Valuer. You will receive a full certificate of authenticity with this item issued by our independent  NCJV registered valuer.